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We offer quality services, providing the professional skills that we have gained over the years, both in the field and through specific training programmes. All proceeds are entirely devolved to the support of the association’s activities and the remuneration of any workers.

Olive tree pruning

  • We prune olive trees according to the vase method for farming, production and re-shaping, on small and medium farms and gardens
  • On an annual basis, we organised theory-practical courses to teach the principles and fundamentals of pruning, objectives, period, techniques and types of farming, and use of equipment
  • If you do not have the time to follow a course, we organise brief practical seminars on pruning

The olive harvest

Do you have a small olive grove but don’t know how to harvest the olives?
Don’t waste them!

  • Our team of olive pickers work from the ground, in complete safety, with non-polluting electrically-powered equipment
  • If you want, we can also transport your olives to the mill within 12 hours of picking

EVO oil tasting

Why learn how to recognise oil quality?

  • To be an informed consumer who is able to choose the most suitable oil or oils for your family’s needs. To learn how to store it properly and use it in the kitchen
  • If you are a small producer, to check and improve the goodness of your oil
  • If you are a restaurant owner, to learn to pair oil and food
  • Based on your needs and expertise, we organise meetings to learn about and to perfect tasting and sensorial analysis techniques
  • Tastings can be carried out both in person or on-line

EVO oil soap workshops

Olive oil has always been known, since ancient times, for its cosmetic properties. Do you have a suitable space, with windows, water and electricity? We take care of the rest: we supply masks, gloves and all of the material required to make soap. At the end of the workshop participants take their own soap home

Outdoor experiences

In small groups it is possible to participate in olive and saffron harvesting activities. We organise visits to the olive grove with a picnic of products from local farms. We offer an e-bike rental service

Earth to Earth

We build a bridge between those who have land, but don’t know how to tend to it, and those who wish to do so. Do you have a small piece of unfarmed or neglected land that you would like to loan out free of charge? Are you looking for a garden to grow or a field to farm?

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