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le Olivastre

le Olivastre was founded in 2014 on the initiative of three women who decided to reclaim a century-old olive grove, left untended, on the hills of Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. The idea quickly turned into a broader project, supported by the volunteers of the Association: to reclaim unfarmed or untended land in the Trasimeno area, protect and promote the agricultural landscape, give due value to farm and food.

Challenging neglect and transforming it through the culture of reclamation: this is our key message.

Paola Sticchi

A former archivist, Paola is one of the founding members. In the field she is mainly in charge of pruning, managing the olive grove and oil production. As the president of the Association, since 2014, she carries out research and proposes projects, objectives and new horizons.

Here secret wish: an oil mill for le Olivastre


Emanuela De Stefanis

Founding member and vice president with never-ending energy. As a professional sensory analyst of extra virgin olive oil, Emanuela guides le Olivastre in terms of oil quality. Her empathy strengthens the bond between members and creates positive relationships.

Her secret wish: to have official headquarters, with a large and welcoming space to host social activities.


Antonella Panciarola

Member since 2017, she guided the Association through the arduous task of administrative requirements and resource management. In the field she mainly takes care of the saffron farm and the production of this spice. Antonella is a free spirit, but has both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Her secret wish: to spread the appreciation of the local products further afield.


The reclaimed olive grove

Two hectares of a century-old olive grove on the hills of Passignano, just outside the walls of the medieval Fortress, have been reclaimed. Dolce Agogia, a native Trasimeno cultivar, is the protagonist of this renewed agricultural landscape.


The Saffron farm in S.Feliciano

On the shores of Lake Trasimeno, a small family-run garden on the verge of neglect, was gradually turned into a saffron farm. Completely worked by hand, from weeding to harvesting to drying, it guarantees the production of high quality, high purity stigmas.


Trasimeno workshop

A series of activities to spread, through social events, the culture of the landscape and its specific farm and food products. Olive tree pruning courses, introductory courses on the sensory analysis of EVO oil, walks through the olive grove and saffron farm, opportunities to socialise.


Adopt An Olive Tree

Becoming the adoptive parents of a century-old olive tree is a small yet crucial way of helping us defend the Trasimeno olive belt.


Become A Member

When communities re-discover the beauty of the territory that they live in, they start taking care of it. Become a part of this minor revolution.