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Adopt an olive

The Adopt an olive tree campaign began in 2017 from the desire to involve the community in the recovery of an approximately two-hectare century-old olive grove, on the hills of Passignano sul Trasimeno. The recovery activity, which began in 2016 with funding from the European Community, continues today thanks to the volunteer work of the members and the sole economic contribution of the Association.

The olive grove was cleaned out, the thorn bushes and weeds were removed and the olive trees were pruned according to the vase-shaped method, and they started producing olives again. A bee-friendly olive grove: we host some bee families and we adopt good practices in defence of insects. We only cut the grass after the flowering period, and harmful chemical products are not used.

Each adopter can, if they so wish, participate in all of the operations required to tend to the olive grove and propose initiatives to raise awareness of the value of the olive grove through group activities (concerts, outdoor exercise, walks to learn how to recognise wild herbs...).

Anyone can adopt or give the gift of an adoption!

Adoption lasts one farm year (from November to October of the following year) and at the end of the harvest, the adopter shall receive two 0.5-litre bottles of new oil. Each adopter will get the Newsletter updating them on what has been done in the olive grove and the health of the trees.

When can you adopt an olive tree? From September 1st to August 31st.

All fields are required.

"le Olivastre", based in Passignano sul Trasimeno (Pg) via Marconi 7, to adopt


  • A) Adoptions made after August 31st will automatically refer to the next farm year that starts from the date that this contract is signed and the payment of the agreed sum is made, to the bottling of the oil produced over the same farm year. At the end, the adopter can, if they wish, renew their participation through the donation of another 30 euro for each adopted olive tree.
  • B) The adopted olive trees are located in Passignano sul Trasimeno, on the land rented by the "le Olivastre" association, in hamlet "San Crispolto".
  • C) The Association agrees to inform the adopter, through newsletters, of all the farming activities. On request, anyone who is interested in visiting the olive grove can do so and actively partake in the farming operations.
  • D) The cost of adopting an olive tree is a minimum donation of 30 euro. Each adoption includes two 0.5-litre bottles. Any costs for shipping will be charged to the adopter.
  • E) This contact and regulation must be filled in and delivered:
  • 1) by hand, to a member of the Board (Paola Sticchi, Emanuela De Stefanis, Antonella Panciarola)
  • 2) via e-mail to
  • 3) via photos, sent through whats app to 328 06 23 029
  • 4) online by filling in the form published on
  • F) the adoption fee can be paid:
  • 1) by hand when hand delivering this contract and regulation
  • 2) with bank transfer to the rechargeable card of Banca Etica, Perugia branch, made out to "le Olivastre Associazione", IBAN IT 49 I 03599 01899 050188528515, for reason "ADOTTA UN OLIVO" (adopt an olive tree)
  • 3) through Satispay
  • G) Signing this contract and regulation means it has been read, approved, and signed by both parties, binding for the applicant from the date of sending it in and payment of the adoption fee, and for the Association from the moment payment is received.

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